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The Insideout team is experienced, dedicated, and ready to help you create a spectacular display for your business. Find out more about us below...
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Our MD, Warren's Story...

Warren Dixon didn’t make the most auspicious start in life! After leaving school with no “O” levels he decided to try a more hands-on approach to building his future, and applied for an apprenticeship as an electrician. This is where Warren discovered his love for the hands on approach to his work and qualified from his apprenticeship happy in the knowledge that his lack of qualifications weren’t going to hold him back.

Having a flare for the practical and a new electrical skill-set, Warren went to work within the maintenance department of a factory. Wanting to progress quickly, he applied for the job of technician, and was asked to sit an aptitude test as part of the interview. Even Warren was surprised when the results came back, as he achieved the highest ever score in Coventry and Warwickshire, a fantastic 97%! This turning point in Warren’s career helped him realise that he had more potential than he had given himself credit for. He knew he had the ability to do much greater things. As a technician, the new skills he acquired ranged from mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, CNC computer programming and computer building; which still aid him in his work today.

A new era in his life was embarked upon when he finally took the step into the world of business ownership, stepping out of the comfort zone of employment. He started running his first engineering company with family business partners in 1997. After much hard work and some initial successes the business began to take a downturn as the recession of the early 2000’s hit. Knowing this was his first attempt at business, he didn't let it hinder his drive, passion and vision however, and started a new business within the guttering and fascias industry.

The new business took off quickly and rapidly became very successful. During this success, Warren still felt unsettled, knowing his heart wasn’t really in this industry. After having exhibited at the NEC with his business in the past, he felt drawn to the exhibitions industry, and was intrigued at their design and complexity. Due to the broad range of skills needed within this sector, he knew this is where his inspiration lay, and wanted to pursue it further.

As so often can happen, fate lent a helping hand, when an opportunity arose to get a management role within the industry, he knew he had to give it a go. This resulted him selling his share of the now prosperous gutters and fascias business (which is still trading successfully to this day) take a pay decrease and throw himself into an industry he new very little about. A baptism of fire, things didn’t go according to plan immediately, but with determination and a true passion for the company Warren built himself a career he knew he wanted to stick with.

After 8 years, and a lot of knowledge and practical experience accumulated, Warren was finally able to achieve his true vison by buying the business from the owner. Abbey Displays has since grown by an impressive 35% year on year. As an extension to the growth of the business, Warren expanded its capability by buying a partner company; Inside Out Events. This valuable addition to the group bought with it a thirteen year history of working with international clients, a full design, events and project management capability. The two businesses compliment each other perfectly, and Inside Out is the perfect asset to fit with the construction skills of Abbey Displays. He truly brought together stylish design and reliable construction, in an harmonious business collaboration.

Warren continues to create a family business built on solid foundations, with outstanding management, secure infrastructures and the latest systems that compliment his vision. Rest assured, you will always know, that our exhibitions are built on passion for the business with an emphasis on these core values.

Gemma Dixon

Growing up around the events and exhibition industry, Gemma has a detailed understanding of the business. Helping her dad Warren, in between term times in her teenage years, Gemma has had hands on experience for many years.

Following her degree, Gemma set up her own successful recruitment business, which gave her in-depth knowledge of customer service, sales and marketing in the B2B sector.

Having proven to herself and her dad that she can successfully run a small business, Gemma has taken on the role of sales and marketing to help grow Inside Out, using all of today’s innovative marketing channels.

Bret Sampson

With over 12 years experience in the field of exhibitions, Bret started his career within one of the worlds largest exhibition companies and joined our partner company, Abbey Display 5 years ago as he enjoyed the prospects and flexibility that the smaller organisation offered. Working for Abbey Display, Bret always designed for Insideout customers and since Abbey Display has occupied Insideout, Bret's opportunity to build even closer relationships with Insideout customers have thrived. 

Through his career, Bret has designed and managed exhibition stands for many high profile clients at events throughout europe and the rest of the world. Bret utilises his skills in liaising with contractors and organisers and ensures a high level of quality is delivered to the client.

Bret aims to incorporate new technologies and current trends whenever a budget and briefing requires this. He enjoys creating innovative designs that promote a client's brand in an exciting and engaging way that delegates and which customers will remember beyond the event.
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